We are a team of world-class engineers and scientists that provides testing, analysis, and other engineering services to companies across the globe.

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Biomechanics Engineering

Pushing The Envelope

Biocore’s mission is to provide the highest level of engineering services and injury biomechanics expertise to clients dedicated to the understanding and reduction of injury. We do this by performing influential and highly cited biomechanics research, maintaining state-of-the-art testing capabilities, and leveraging a global network of leaders in experimental and computational biomechanical engineering.

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Products In Development

Biocore is dedicated to innovation and product development. We are currently working on several projects to bring to market in the near future. These products are designed to improve the safety and performance of athletes and associated markets.

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Robotraxion BEAST

The BEAST was created to measure realistic, game-like traction loads and motions, driving innovation in sports surfaces and sports footwear design. Currently in beta testing at the highest levels of play, the BEAST will be available for purchase in 2024.

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The THUNDER improved surface impact tester incorporates biomechanical and player-driven metrics into sports surface impact testing. The platform also enables auto data transfer, analysis, and insights to drive sports surfaces performance and safety improvements.

Our Publications

Biocore regularly publishes the results of our research in peer-reviewed independent journals.
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