Product Development

At Biocore, we believe that innovation is the key to success. That's why we are constantly driving to develop new and better products that will help athletes perform at their best and stay safe while doing so. We are excited about the impact that our products will have in reducing injury and improving outcomes.

Instrumented Mouthguard

Advanced Sensors

Biocore has designed an instrumented mouthpiece research product that measures three-dimensional linear and angular acceleration of the head, which is used to inform the development of protective equipment, rule changes, and technique modifications. Instrumented mouthpieces are used to collect head impact data from elite and collegiate football athletes during practices and games.


For the past decade, the Biocore Elite Athlete Surface Tester (BEAST) has been used in professional sports to measure realistic, game-like traction loads and motions for athletic shoes and turf. The BEAST v2 is currently undergoing evaluation trials and is designed to be used on-field. It provides professional athletic field managers with details about the safety and performance aspects of their athletic pitches. When paired with the BEAST App software, field managers can quickly gain insight into the condition of their field, easily identify areas that need attention, and observe field trends.

The BEAST at Gillette Stadium
Thunder Surface Testing Device


A Clegg device is composed of a hammer with a specific mass that is dropped onto the surface of an athletic playing field or pitch from a standardized height. The impact generates a reading on the device, which is used to assess the relative compaction of the playing field material. The THUNDER improved surface impact tester is designed to convert the standard, unwieldy Clegg device into an easy-to-transport, wheeled measurement system. The THUNDER not only makes transportation easier, but also automatically transmits measurements and position information to the BEAST Cloud Platform, further streamlining the work of field managers. With THUNDER, manually recording data and measurements is no longer necessary, as the platform delivers the information where it is needed with much less effort.