Services & Capabilities

Biocore provides a comprehensive suite of services aimed at helping organizations reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Our expertise lies in identifying and addressing potential risks to improve workplace safety and employee well-being. We work with organizations that require innovation and have unique needs when it comes to injury prevention.


Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

The Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning team leverages athlete-worn sensors, video-derived data, and injury databases to identify interventions that can mitigate risk for athletes in professional and amateur sports.

Our work leverages statistical and machine learning models for risk analysis, computer vision models for head impact detection, and on-field pose estimation for recreation and simulation of injury events.

This modeling informs injury reduction strategies through the implementation of better training schedules, improvement of athlete load management, refinement of rules to mitigate risky behavior, adaption of athlete-specific techniques, and fielding of improved equipment.

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Biocore has over 150 years cumulative experience developing and applying engineering knowledge for protecting people in automotive, sports, military, and other environments.

  • Injury Prevention Programs

    Leverage our in-house experts and external engineering network to design and implement injury prevention programs.

  • Health and Safety

    Provide engineering expertise to professional sport and other health and safety committees and assess sports equipment protection.

  • Automotive Safety

    Assess restraint biomechanics and performance, including seatbelts and airbags, child seat performance, and improve crash protection for the obese.

  • Anthropomorphic Test Devices

    Perform biomechanical engineering and impact testing using anthropomorphic test devices (crash test dummies).

Computational Modeling

Biocore leverages finite element (FE) modeling, musculoskeletal modeling, and statistical shape analysis for biomechanical applications. We have used human FE models to understand the injury mechanisms of concussions as well as upper and lower extremity injuries. In addition, modeling has been used to design testing protocols and safety equipment for players and occupants. In collaborating with university partners, we have developed FE models of equipment (helmets, cleats, and shoulder pads) and parametric artificial turf.

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Consulting & Research

Our experts facilitate detailed injury simulations and validate injury assertions. Consulting services are available to help comprehend the science behind the harm. We assess the forces and motions involved in an accident to determine if it was due to mishap or neglect, as well as ascertain the severity and magnitude of the damage caused.

Product Development

Our team of experts is hard at work developing products that are designed to improve the safety and performance of athletes across a wide range of related markets. Our team of engineers and designers is constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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