Testing & Product Evaluation

Biocore offers biomechanical engineering research and testing services to some of the most innovative companies in the world, including helmet and athletic footwear manufacturers. Our team of experts specializes in biomechanical engineering, material science, industrial design, and human factors analysis. Our laboratory is equipped with high-tech equipment such as drop towers, impactors, turf testers, and shoe flexion devices as well as 3D printing facilities, advanced imaging technology, and computer-aided design tools. With our comprehensive suite of resources and expertise, we can provide custom solutions for any biomechanical challenge.

Engineer testing a helmet
Cleat footforms prepped for testing

Footwear & Turf Testing

Biocore's cutting-edge technology uses machine learning and computer vision to provide data-driven insights that not only increase athlete safety in professional sports but also help optimize performance. Our approach combines historical injury data with training load data to create predictive machine learning algorithms for injury risk. By analyzing and interpreting this data, we can identify patterns and trends that allow coaches and trainers to pinpoint potential problem areas and address them proactively, before an injury occurs.

Helmet and shoulder pad impact test

Product testing & consulting services

Discover how our biomechanical engineering services can improve the safety of your products.

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Our Publications

Biocore regularly publishes the results of our research in peer-reviewed independent journals.
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