Computational Modeling

Biocore utilizes finite element (FE) modeling, musculoskeletal modeling, and statistical shape analysis for biomechanical applications. By using computational modeling, Biocore engineers can replicate real-world scenarios in mathematical or algorithmic form. These models can then be used to create simulations and predictions about injury. Biocore's models enable scientists to design experiments that would be difficult or costly to replicate in real life. Additionally, variables and parameters of the experiments can be modified in a less time-consuming manner.


Finite Element Analysis

We've created and implemented a sophisticated finite element (FE) model, harnessing the power of FE analysis for applications in sports biomechanics and automobile safety. This invaluable tool empowers engineers to gain deeper insights into complex systems and navigate the solution landscape with remarkable efficiency.


Motion Lab Testing & Musculoskeletal Modeling

Our proficiency lies in motion lab testing and musculoskeletal modeling. These services empower our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of human motion and biomechanics, ultimately paving the way for the development of impactful intervention strategies.

Pose Estimation & Biomechanical Analysis

Our comprehensive biomechanics pipeline integrates markerless motion capture from videos with a robust musculoskeletal framework, providing our customers with a powerful tool to explore the intricate connection between human motions, performance, and injury.

Statistical Shape Analysis example

Statistical Shape Analysis

We possess expertise in the analysis of human shape characteristics through advanced statistical shape analysis techniques. This analysis equips our customers with valuable insights into critical shape factors in the human body, ultimately enhancing the ergonomic design and performance of their products.

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