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Biocore consultants use their expertise in biomechanics to serve as expert witnesses in legal cases involving allegations of product defects, slip and falls, industrial accidents, and other situations where injury potential is a concern. With decades of testifying experience in state and federal courts across the United States, Biocore consultants are well-equipped to provide valuable insights.

In addition to biomechanical analyses, they also perform accident reconstruction to assess the severity of vehicular collisions. With an extensive publication history and world-class biomechanical expertise, Biocore consultants can help determine the causes of specific injuries and logically explain their opinions to a jury.


Injury Simulations

Biocore's consulting services also include injury simulations and validation of injury assertions. Our experts are available to help you understand the science behind injury causation and assess the forces and motions involved in an accident to determine how an injury was caused and the important features surrounding the injurious event.

At Biocore, our goal is to help you understand the factors contributing to an injury or the potential for injury across a wide-range of applications from automotive, to sports and industrial environments . Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services.

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Our Publications

Biocore regularly publishes the results of our research in peer-reviewed independent journals.
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