Philipe Aldahir, PhD

Senior Engineer

Dr. Aldahir received his PhD in Crop, Soils, and Environmental Sciences from Auburn University in 2015. Dr. Aldahir’s career has been focused on design and management of sports surfaces for competition at the highest level. With experience in natural and artificial grass, Dr. Aldahir led the development of grass-like artificial surfaces used in the MLB, using a data-driven, customer-centric approach. Dr. Aldahir has also led the development of a cradle-to-cradle designed product as an end-of-life solution for artificial turf fields. The result of Dr. Aldahir’s body of work is seen in sports turf playability assessments for grass and turf, and numerous patent applications related to products, services, and methods related to sports surfaces solutions. At Biocore, his focus is on the relationship between the playing surface and player injury and performance.

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